Step into luxury with our plush Chenille Outdoor Rugs, where comfort meets the great outdoors- both cozy and chic!

Add some charm to your outdoor space, with chique chenille rugs in every place,
Original artwork, bright and bold, printed on the rug, a sight to behold!

Rain or shine, these rugs will last, and their colorful hues will hold steadfast, soft and cozy, with a luxurious feel, your outdoor decor, now with more appeal!

So let your patio or balcony shine, with chenille rugs that are simply divine,
Upgrade your outdoor oasis with ease, these stunning rugs are sure to please!


Create a show-stopping entrance with our Original and Creative Outdoor Chenille Rugs!

5% off at checkout when you buy 2 or more outdoor chenille rugs !!

  • Create Your Own Sets!

    Mix & Match to create your own unique and vibrant look!

    Bundle & Save! With so many discounts throughout the store, you can afford to treat yourself and give a gift!

  • Durable, breathable & comfortable...

    Polyester Chenille is composed of polyester or poly-blend yarns that have an even, plush pile. It’s an inviting fabric that resists pilling and wrinkling

  • Anti-Slip Backing

    • Keeps the bath mat firmly in place and reduces the risk of slipping
    • Fast drying

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Technology & Inks

MWW On Demand uses a wide variety of dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric print machinery that utilizes the industry's best water-based pigment inks.

Quality control

MWW operates with an AQL program to measure the incoming components for all raw materials used in the process. This same program is used to check the in-process quality and outgoing finished products. The data that is collected from these audits is used to provide feedback to respective areas for continuous improvement.