Transform your living space with our tufted floor pillows, available in two sizes, and printed with vibrant artworks. Perfect for adding a pop of color and comfort to any room. Shop now for unique designs that will elevate your home decor!

Bright & Sturdy Tufted Floor Pillows!

For cozy nights or lazy days, tufted pillows are here to stay,
With colorful art and designs so bold, these pillows are worth their weight in gold.

Square or round, in two sizes found, they'll add charm to any room around,
Soft and comfy, they'll cradle you right, making your space cozy day and night.

So add some style to your home decor, with tufted floor pillows you'll adore,
Brighten up your space with a pop of hue, and feel the comfort they bring to you!

    • Sewn seam closure
    • Double-sided print
    • Comes in 2 sizes
    • 100% polyester
    • 100% polyester filling
    • Extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric that retains its shape and dries quickly
    • This floor pillow is very comfortable, due to the sturdy pillow filling
    • The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors
    • Add a custom touch to any resting area around the house with a tufted floor pillow, which has a white stitching in the middle
    • Shipped with its own filling, this floor pillow is as comfy as it is stylish
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Technology & Inks

MWW On Demand uses a wide variety of dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric print machinery that utilizes the industry's best water-based pigment inks.

Quality control

MWW operates with an AQL program to measure the incoming components for all raw materials used in the process. This same program is used to check the in-process quality and outgoing finished products. The data that is collected from these audits is used to provide feedback to respective areas for continuous improvement.