Shower Curtains, A Perfect Canvas

Choose your favorite art print, and make your shower curtain glow
With colors and patterns that pop, your bathroom will never be a flop

No need to settle for plain and dull, with print on demand, you can have it all
Shower in a world of your own creation, and make a splash with your imagination!



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Indulge in a shower that transports you to a world of pure imagination, where creativity reigns and splashes of inspiration abound!

  • Shower Curtain - "MONOCHROME TIGER"
    • 100% Polyester
    • 12 stitch-enforced buttonholes
    • Water-resistant
    • One-sided print
    • Hooks not included
    • Pre-constructed item. Size variance +/- 2"
    • Vibrant prints
  • Shower Curtain - "FLOATING CASTLE"
    • This shower curtain is here to add an original touch to any bathroom with the design of your choice.
    • Made with highly durable polyester, this curtain stays like new for a long time to come and is a perfect canvas for your favorite art!
    • This extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly.
    • Vibrant colors - The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors matching the craziest designs